Ayurveda Hair Oil Treatment

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This is an Ayurveda oil for your scalp and hair.  Massage into your scalp 1-2 x a week for 3 months to see maximum effectiveness. Try to leave on for minimum 2-3 hours or overnight.  

Veviter root 
Screw Tree Pods 
Hibiscus Flowers 
Curry leaves 
Fenugreek Seeds 
Dried Amla berry 
Senna flowers 
Black Cumin seeds 
Rose Petals 
Alkanet root 
White turmeric
Babchi seeds 
Tulsi leaves
Henna seeds 
Sweet Flag 
Neem seeds 
Ingredients: Organic Argan oil, Organic Castor seed oil, Vetiver root, Screw tree pods, Hibiscus flowers, Curry leaves, Fenugreek seeds, Dried Amla berry, Senna flowers, Black cumin seeds, Rose petals,  Alkanet, White turmeric, Spanish cherry flower, Babchi seeds, Tulsi leaves,  Henna seeds, Sweet flag, Myrobalan, Neem seeds.
4 ounce applicator bottle



Customer Reviews

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Great ingredients! Bought this product for hair growth after chemotherapy. Easy to use and my hair is coming in thick and growing fast.

This works wonders!

My hair started thinning on top of my head to where my part was getting really wide. I have been using this twice a week as recommended for about four months. My hair stylist has even noticed a difference! My hair is growing back! And this is such an easy treatment!!

Its growing finally

Ive been using this for about 6 weeks 2 x a week. I use it as a scalp treatment in the front of my scalp where my bangs are. This was from covid I believe when I noticed I was having some hair loss. I'll keep with it but I have baby hairs growing and that is a good sign.

It helped me

Getting my 2nd bottle as I see that my scalp and hair are in much better shape. Usually 3-4 months treatment will do the job. This bottle lasted me 2 months of 2 times a week treatment. Ill report back after 1 more bottle. My hair was in very bad shape. Also helped my scalp health as well. No more itchy!!

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