AntiFungal Balm Or Nail Fungus Serum

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Choose the Antifungal Balm or the Nail Fungus Serum 

Antifungal Balm -   I encourage you to do your homework on the ingredients listed to see if this is the right for you. Ingredients : Organic St. Johns Wort infused oil, Chaparral leaf, Black Walnut Hull, Echinacea root , Lavender buds, Calendula flower, Turmeric root, Usnea Lichen, Neem oil, local beeswax, Lavender 40-42, Oregano oil, Tea tree, Eucalyptus,  Lemongrass and Peppermint essential oils. 2.85 oz by weight

Herbal products work differently and slower but certainly are safer and a natural plant based product. Please give these products time to work. 

Nail Fungus Formulation - Jojoba Oil, Pine Resin, Strax benzoin, Oregano oil, Myrrh extract,  Clove oil, Vitamin E 

Apply 2-3 times a day for 10 days.  Packaged in a 30ml Cobalt glass bottle with dropper. 

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure anything. I am an herbalist, not a doctor. Please consult your physician before using any herbal products or supplements. 

Customer Reviews

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I ordered the Nail Fungus Serum for my toenails, and I really wish I'd taken a before photo because the improvement is amazing! I also have psoriasis on my toenails, so they're not completely clear, but the fungal part has improved greatly with daily use of this serum. Will 100% order again.

Amanda Jones
Versatile and WORKS!

I’m not saying it’s a miracle balm or the Swiss Army knife of salves but…
Originally bought this for a stubborn blister atop my foot. Worked like an absolute charm for decreasing the sensitivity, redness, and swelling! I have enjoyed the natural scent of the product and the way it makes my skin feel after an overnight application (heels of feet with socks on overnight =velvety SOFT skin). Then enter my September post nasal drip resulting in a raw/scratchy throat and swollen glands. Like clockwork every.single.year.
So, I rubbed some of this behind my ears and down the sides of my neck and on the swollen glands. Maybe 2 mins and NO scratchy throat and the gland swelling was visibly reduced.
This is the real life “put some windex” (My Big Fat Greek Wedding reference). Seriously, BY IT!

Chris Hunt
It really worked

I used the nail fungus serum. I used it just as she says and it really worked. I had tried over the counter nail fungus products and nothing happened and I had used them for a month. My wife purchased this for me and I was pleasantly surprised. Good stuff. thanks

Miranda J
worked great

I bought this for my husband because he is constantly itching “down there” and he has told me that it’s helped a lot with the itching. I’m very pleased with the packaging and quality of the salve and customer service was excellent! Thank you so much for all your help!

Julieann Schmidt
Much safer

This is a very good antifungal. It takes more time to work as its not a drug as I have found with many herbal products but I would rather have it take more time then be harmful to me. She makes some great products. I have purchased many items and they are crafted perfectly. Unlike many other vendors that make similar products that never seem to work. I am trying to get together a medicine cabinet of only natural products. Her tinctures are also wonderful. She also made me a custom cream for my grandson's eczema which was the best one we used.

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