Artisan Soap

Did you ever really wonder, what's so special about handmade soap anyway? Well pretty much just about everything about it is special. They aren't just pretty slices of soap that look nicer with beautiful colors and patterns. Its very simple. The ingredients in my soap are not found in a commercial soap. And the ingredients in commercial soap are not in mine. 

The combination of real organic oils and nut butters interacting with lye ( you can never make soap without lye** ) is what turns oil into soap. Each oil brings it's own attributes to the soap party. Which is why you will see many different combinations of oils in the making of soap. Oils are comprised of fatty acids such as Oleic, Linolenic, Palmitic, Stearic, Lauric, etc. Some are more cleansing, some more moisturizing and nourishing. And then you have those that produce a creamier lather and some a more bubbly lather.  There are oils that are more soothing to the skin and those that are more cleansing can be drying. 

This is where the art of soap making is so important. An experienced soap maker tries to achieve the "perfect" bar of soap that brings out the best of each of these butters and oils by combining them in the proper ratios. 

There are no Phthalates, toxic ingredients, sulphates or parabens in any of my products. 

Everyone has a different skin type and likes the feel of different soap on their skin.  That is why there are so many different types of soaps listed here.  You will never achieve that custom feel with a commercial bar.

** There is no residual lye left in these soaps in the finished product.