Shipping policy

I try to ship your orders out as quickly as possible. Unlike most stores that have an inventory ready to send you immediately, I make all of my products fresh and have many custom orders. The amount of orders I receive on a daily basis sometimes puts me in a back log. I work alone as my formulations are my own and I like the personalized nature of my business. I know that many have become accustomed to Amazon 2 day prime shipping but this is not my business model. My products are made for you specifically and not sitting around for who knows how long.  So when you chose Priority Mail or Express mail please understand that this is not for me to process your order faster. This is the speed that the post office will deliver your order once it leaves my hands. I am not responsible for the time that USPS takes as this is not in my control.  Thank you for understanding. I work very hard for all of my customers and hope that you enjoy my products and find them helpful.