BALM OF GILEAD Cottonwood St  Johns Wort Arnica Salve Balm

BALM OF GILEAD Cottonwood St Johns Wort Arnica Salve Balm

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I have combined the 3 most powerful plants to produce this balm. Cottonwood buds, St Johns Wort and Arnica. Besides smelling WONDERFUL, Balm of Gilead is a very reliable anti-inflammatory (it cools things down), antimicrobial (it kills really little things that can infect you), and it’s analgesic (calms the pain). It’s incredibly healing. It stimulates skin proliferation. It feels and smells sooooooo good. I like to infuse my oils for a very long time. To get the most of nature’s gifts. These Cottonwood buds gave off so much resin that the sunflower oil was a deep reddish brown. Combined with the deep red St Johns wort oil and a very potent Arnica Montana. It relieves pain, especially the pain from sore muscles, arthritis, and broken bones. It reduces swelling and inflammation. Balm of Gilead oil relieves pain at the nerve level and combined with St. Johns Wort infused oil, it can do amazing things where there are shooting pains or injuries in the joints or even broken bones. Combine Balm of Gilead with St. Johns Wort and Arnica for muscle and nerve pain. 4 oz Glass jar. I do make custom blends and use my herbal knowledge to come up with formulas that can help each individual issue. Enjoy!

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