Nectar of the Gods - Hydrating Aftershave

  • $18.99

Men need skin care too! 

I created this incredible skin loving aftershave as too many on the market just dry your skin out. Depositing fragrance on your face and doing nothing more. Men shave everyday. Why not take this daily opportunity to give your skin a little love. Many men think they do not need skin care. That this is a women’s thing. But men need it too. And it’s in the same steps they do everyday. No need for anything extra. As with all of my products I sent samples of this to my clients for 4 months to see how they liked it before I listed it. And they LOVE IT! Many remark about the refreshing peppermint essential oils. Just a light peppermint scent to refresh you in the morning. All of the Ingredients are going to make a marked difference in your facial skin. 

Water, Aloe Vera, Witch hazel, Apricot kernel oil, Squalane oil, Cetearyl alcohol, Emulsifying wax, Glycerine, dL-panthenol ( Pro vit b-5) Vitamin E, Optiphen, Japanese Peppermint essential oil. 

In a 3.5 oz black tube. For convenient dispersing.

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