EMULSIFIED Coffee Sugar Scrub

EMULSIFIED Coffee Sugar Scrub

  • $18.00

I love this scrub. But frankly I love all of my scrubs. 

This scrub is used in the shower. It is not a soap and is best used after you are clean. The sugar and coffee is a nice mixture as they both exfoliate dead skin cells.  Coffee can reduce the appearance of cellulite and reduce inflammation and boost collagen. Coffee is an antioxidant. 

Even though there are some beautiful skin loving oils in this scrub, you will not find it greasy as there is an emulsifier in the ingredients that prevents this. Please be careful in the shower even though you should not slip. The oils are like lotion like once emulsified. 

If you love the smell of coffee in the morning, this is for you. The coffee butter, roasted coffee and roasted coffee extract with the addition of the espresso fragrance will certainly wake you up! I do not have an overwhelming amount of coffee in this scrub as even though sugar is water soluble, coffee is not and I do not want coffee grounds going down your drain or making a mess in your shower. Its just perfect! 

This is packaged in a BPA FREE plastic container as it is used in the shower and I do not want any accidents. When its empty please reuse it rather than discard. The environment will thank you. 

Organic Coffee, Organic Cane Sugar, Apricot Kernal
oil, Squalane oil, Coffee butter, Cetyl Alcohol,
glyceral stearate, Roasted coffee extract,
shea butter, Espresso fragrance oil
Optiphen plus

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