Hydrating Body Oil Creme Serum

Hydrating Body Oil Creme Serum

  • $24.99

This is a very unique serum for your entire body when you get out of the shower or bath. 

This serum contains the best oils for your skin to rehydrate the dryness we feel just from our environment.  If you have extremely dry or aging skin this will be very helpful.

I used Organic oils of Sunflower, Jojoba, Squalane, Apricot, Hemp and Grapeseed combined with Cera Bellina and you have a luxurious body oil that applies like a cream.  And the best part is this is non greasy! Take the time to rub it in really well so it can go deep where it does the most good. 

Water is dry skin's best friend. Either by drinking it or applying creams that are made with water. I wanted a product without water so I didnt need a preservative.  Only products that contain water need a preservative.  The water needed is what is on your body after a shower or bathe.  Dry off leaving your skin damp and apply the serum. It will dissolve into your skin quickly. 

You can also use before you dry off or even in the shower. Daily use recommended. 

I promise you will love this! 


8 ounces with a pump bottle.