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Jewelweed is known as a great remedy to treat poison ivy and Sumac rashes and the torturous itch most people experience with it. But frankly Jewelweed works great for all itchy bites and skin rashes. It is antihistamine and anti-inflammatory and helps neutralize the urushiol oil, the cause of poison ivy's irritation. Jewelweed is nature's hydrocortisone! It eases the itch of mosquito bites and pain of other insect bites, and poison oak and sumac rashes. Some folks claim it helps with nettles sting, warts, ringworm, acne, psoriasis, fungal infections and just itchy rashy skin.

In order to calm the crazy itchy skin from Poison Ivy and Sumac you must IMMEDIATELY get in the shower and WASH with my Jewelweed Soap to get the urushiol off your skin. Throw your clothes and anything else you touched into the washing machine. You can use the Jewelweed Spray once you have gotten the blisters calmed down. it will stop the itch instantly. But you must wash off the urushiol off your skin first. Use the Jewelweed Salve after a week or so when the blisters are no longer oozing. DO NOT USE THE SALVE until the blisters dry up.  ALL THESE PRODUCTS CONTAIN A LARGE AMOUNT OF FRESH ORGANIC WILDCRAFTED JEWELWEED.

Ingredients: Jewelweed Soap - Water, Jewelweed infused Olive oil, Coconut oil, Rice Bran oil, Sunflower oil, Lard, Sodium Hydroxide

Jewelweed Salve - Fresh Jewelweed ( Impatiens capensis ) Sunflower oil , local beeswax 

Jewelweed Spray - Fresh Jewelweed ( Impatiens capensis ) Witch hazel 

Salve is 2 oz tin by volume ( 3.5 oz by weight ) Soap is 5 ounces and Spray is 4 ounces

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