PSORIASIS SOOTHE Balm w/ Oregon Grape Root

PSORIASIS SOOTHE Balm w/ Oregon Grape Root

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It is not just oil and Beeswax. The preparation of these herbs and emulsions that are prepared to make this take an immense amount of time and effort. I want these preparations to work. And as evidenced by my reviews,, they do. This is an all natural soothing balm for those suffering with this skin condition. Nothing cures but you can alleviate the symptoms and soothe and regenerate these damaged skin cells and at least get rid of the symptoms. These herbs and oils are specifically designed in this formula to deliver an anti-inflammatory and anti itch remedy to the symptoms. I think you will find incredible relief from this product. 2 oz screw on tin. 

If you would like a 1 ounce vial of extra Oregon Grape Glycerite to add to your salve please chose that option with the add on. Oregon grape is the one ingredient that works the most magic. There is plenty in the salve but you can always add more. 

Ingredients: Oregon Grape Root infused in Olive oil, Castor oil, Comfrey, Kombo butter, Shea butter, Beeswax, Tea tree essential oil, Lavender Essential oil, Cade essential oil, Gotu Kola extract, Oregon Grape root extract, Vitamin E.

Cade Essential oil has a very strong smokey scent. But it is great for itchy, inflamed skin. Along with Gotu Kola and Oregon grape extracts I think you will find this helps. 

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