St. Johns Wort Oil

St. Johns Wort Oil

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Our full-strength Wildcrafted St. John’s Wort Oil (  Hypericum perforatum ) is a wonderful Ruby red oil pressed from the flowers of this beautiful plant. Great for massaging sore muscles, especially where there is stiffness, muscle or nerve pain, such as sciatica. St. John’s Wort Oil has been known to promote and speed the natural healing of burns, wounds, shingles, herpes, and cold sores.  I always add this oil to my pain rub for additional pain relief.

This has long been used as a traditional treatment for the pain of bursitis, sciatica, neuralgia, myalgia, arthritis and shingles, massaging with St. John's Wort oil also helps treat pulled muscles, sore and inflamed joints and has relieved many a backache.

Please see the following literature from the NIH -

Infused for a year or more in organic Sunflower oil. 

This is a wonderful oil for any soreness, stiffness and musculoskeletal pain.  even great for varicose veins.

Comes in a 2 oz or 4 oz glass bottle.

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