SERIOUS PAIN Relief! Backache Muscle rub No heat w/Kombo butter & Frankincense Boswellia

SERIOUS PAIN Relief! Backache Muscle rub No heat w/Kombo butter & Frankincense Boswellia

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Very powerful Pain relief the natural way and NOT GREASY! ! This pain balm is strong and works great. I make this for my lower back pain and get about 3 hours of relief before I need to re-apply. You will have pain relief from these ingredients. However for best results re-apply every few hours for a few days to allow the anti-inflammatory effects to work on your pain for long term relief. Inflammation is always the cause for this type of muscular pain. Works great for Neuropathy as well. PLEASE DO NOT USE ON OPEN WOUNDS. My other healing salves are for wounds. This is for muscular pain. With the powerful properties of FRESH infused ST. JOHNS WORT, COMFREY, ARNICA and KOMBO butter which is high in myristoleic acid, which is used to treat all kinds of muscle and joint pain and pain relieving essential oils this balm packs a punch. The addition od Frankincense Serrata Oleo resin to the formula, you are getting true Boswellic acids not found in the essential oil.  There is no heat generated artificially from capsicum in this balm as you don’t need it. The ingredients are warming and soothing. Relieves pain and inflammation from its ingredients. Heat just distracts and can sometimes burn your skin in larger required quantities. Ingredients: Organic Infused St.Johns Wort (Hypericum Perforatum, Comfrey ( Symphytum officinal) Arnica ( Arnica Montana, genus Arnica) Kombo Butter (Pynanthus Angolensis) , Willow bark, Lobelia, Frankincense Serrata Oleoresin, Cottonwood buds, Menthol, Camphor, Cajuput, Peppermint, Clove, Wintergreen ( Methyl Salicylic acid)  Ginger, Vitamin E, Local Beeswax There are 2 sizes available. 2 oz and 4 oz. glass jars.  I make all batches fresh so I can make in any size you need. Give it a try.

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